The Bar

Do you supply the drinks for the bars?
Yes – this is known as a cash bar. Alternatively, you can provide your own drinks which is known as a dry bar. In this case, we simply charge a hire fee.
Do the guests have to spend a certain amount behind the bar?
Yes. If you choose the cash bar, we have a set minimum take for both Rosie and the Cabin. The organiser is responsible for making up any shortfall on the minimum spend
Can I pay for all my guests' drinks?
Of course. We would simply invoice you at the end of the event for the drinks.
Can we give our guests drink tokens?
Yes, we can supply tokens for you to dish out to your guests, meaning they get a set number of drinks that you, the organiser, pays for. After this, guests pay for their own.
Can you provide table wine?
Yes, and this is a great idea as we can include the cost of the table drinks towards the minimum take behind the bar.
Do you have a drinks menu?
Yes, you can view it here, although we are flexible and always go the extra mile to provide what you and your guests would like.
Do you provide glasses and ice?
Yes, this is included in the price. We use polycarbonate glasses (reusable plastic). These are great for outdoor events. Glass can be hired at an additional cost if you would prefer.
Do you take card payments or will my guests need cash?
We do take card payments, but this is dependent upon the availability and strength of Wifi on site. We’ll aim to do a site visit to check this, however it’s always best to advise your guests to bring cash, just in case.

The Crêpes

How many crêpes can my guests have?
We offer different pricing structures, whereby your guests are entitled to either one crêpe each, or unlimited crêpes. Please ask for details.
Can you serve crêpes alongside the bar?
Yes, absolutely. We can offer both services from either Rosie or the Cabin.
What crêpes do you offer?
Can you offer gluten free / vegan crêpes?
Yes, as long as we know in advance.
Can guests assemble their own crêpes?
Yes. This can be a really fun and visual activity for your guests. Just let us know if you’d like us to set this up for you.
Do you have a food hygiene certificate?
Yes – Level 5

The Games

Do your games need to be manned by a member of staff and is this included in the price?
If we’re already at your event providing our bar / crêpes, we’ll keep an eye on the games at the same time and explain how to use them. If the games are hired independently and you would like a dedicated member of staff to man them, we would charge per hour for this.
Are all the games suitable for use indoors and out?
Yes, all except the giant striker, which can only be used outdoors.
Are there any discounts available for hiring multiple games?
Yes, see our hire page for details of the packages we have available
Can I hire just games from you, without the bar or crêpes?
Yes, providing they are available, you can have just the games.
Who transports the games to / from the venue?
We do this for you and we will also set up the games and clear them away at the end.


Are there any mileage costs?
We charge £1.50 per mile outside of Bristol.
How long does it take you to set up?
Our little cabin takes about two hours to set up. Rosie takes a lot more work and we generally need around a day for her. Set-up time for the games is dependent on how many games you hire.
Do you need water and electricity supply?
We do need electricity. Water is not essential as we can bring our own, although tap access is helpful.
Are any venues not suitable for your vehicles?
Yes – anywhere where the access roads involve hairpin bends. Also the presence of overhanging branches or cables. We always aim to do a site visit before an event to check out anything else that might be tricky.
Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes. Your deposit secures your booking and ensures we keep the date free for your event.
The deposit for Rosie is £750
The deposit for the cabin is £500
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